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Chiropractic St Johns

Health and Wellness is not the absence of pain or sickness, its not taking prescriptions that snowball into more and more prescriptions. Health and Wellness is knowing how well your nervous system is functioning, what goes into your body, and onto your skin. It is choices; making better bad choices, reading labels and ingredients, walking or just moving to the best of your ability.

At Vibrant Life Health Center we come along side you and develop a plan for you to achieve a balanced healthy life. We at Vibrant Life Health Center are here to help you obtain optimum performance so that you feel healthy and have a positive outlook on life. However, this is only going to happen if you are able to SHIFT your mindset and lifestyle in these 5 areas:

  • Skeletal Structure
  • Headspace
  • Intake of Nutrients
  • Functional Fitness
  • Toxic Burden
  • What is a Tytron Scan?

    What we do here is very UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT, even when compared to most other Chiropractors. Our chiropractic care is specific, and its source driven care is what gives results where others fail in helping you to get your health & life back.


    We are located at 12627 San Jose Blvd, Suite #502, Jacksonville, FL 32223, a 1/2 mile north of Race Track Road in Julington Creek.

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    (904) 419-8542